Some Simple Natural Beauty Tips For women Benefit

We believe in that there are no simple natural beauty tips and tricks. But, it is wrong. For the beauty average, every woman spends around 1500 $ just for makeup in the whole life.  But, if someone tries natural things for beauty then it may save lots of money and also can get a permanent solution. Normally, maximum makeups are created by chemical and they are harmful to skin and health. But, natural things haven’t any bad side effect. So it’s really very important to use natural things for increasing beauty.



From this article, you can know more about some common natural beauty tips. All of the tips will work very much and for that, you have to follow it properly. So let’s know more about it.

Common Easy Natural Beauty Tips

Hair Treatment Using Banana And Egg

If you are looking for shine in your hair then this treatment is for you. You can do it using some common things that you have in your house or easily available. Here we are talking about Egg and banana.

Now at first, mash up a banana and mix it with an egg. Now use it on your hair like a thick paste. Please keep it on your hair 10-30 minutes. After that wash it like usual you do as hair washing. If you use a conditioner then you have to use it at the end. After all, you will get little bit shine to your hair. Very easy and simple beauty tips.

Face Mask Using Honey

Honey is an anti-bacterial thing so by using it you can get soft and beautiful skin very quick and easily. At first, take a tablespoon honey and warm it using your fingertips together. Now spread it on your face. You have to keep it on your face 5-10 minutes. After that wash, it using warm water and dry it. This way you can see awesomeness on your face.

Black Head Removal Using Honey

Sometimes we find out some area black at our head. For removing it, On a lemon wedge please put 4 to 5 drops of honey and rub it on your face for a minute. Now leave it for 5 minutes. Now rinse it using cold water. You must need to keep in mind that citrus may make your face photosensitive so for that you may try thing at night before going to sleep or when you will not go outside.

Toxic- Free Shaving Cream

On shaving, a cream toxin is harmful to man and woman. If you are looking for a toxic free shaving cream replacement then here you will get a proper solution. You may use coconut oil as a replacement. It is very simple and easy to collect. So you may use it.

Gentle Body Scrub

You may use 2 to 1 ratio of olive oil with sea salt. It is very effective for a gentle body scrub. It also helps get rid of from dead skin cell and makes more software and glowing. It is a very cheap process and no need to go any store for buying expensive body scrubs.

Must Need To Know About Natural Beauty Tips

All the natural beauty tips don’t work for a quick fix. It may take some time or need to use several times. Besides it, good sleep, proper nutrition and many things important. So if you take a suggestion from an expert doctor it will be better.

In conclusion, hopefully, those natural beauty tips will help you a lot. Thank for reading and staying with us. For more update, please stay tuned.