Personal Health awareness- few steps to go ahead in healthy life

Personal health awareness can help you to stay one step ahead in the way of sound and healthy life. You don’t need to maintain packed routines and superfoods to stay healthy. You just need to know what can you take or avoid being healthy. For that, invest more time of physical activity, choose your food cleverly and learn to how control stresses. Your own personal health awareness should start with these small and straightforward steps.

 Personal Health awareness for all

Here present, some easy maintain tips so you can personally do some change on your lifestyles and lead a healthy and peaceful life. These easy to follow these health awareness tips can bring a significant and positive impact on your wellness. So, here we begin,

Gear up physical activity

Try to active physically as much as possible beside daily exercise. Physical inertia does not bring any wellness to your health. Doctors say, people who are physically inactive then it should be they often face the disease like diabetics type-2, breast cancer, Arthritis, etc. Even they don’t have any family background of these diseases. That’s why it’s important to increase our health awareness to stay away from such these diseases. So do some exercises daily, try stairs over the lift, walk when you are talking, avoid transport when your destination is closer from your home or office.


Make a habit of exercise regularly. If you have not started yet, spend at least 10 min of doing some real training. Do crunches, jump with skipping rope, push-up or pull ups, etc.

Desk workout, it’s especially for those who spend lots of time on their working desk. Extend your one leg, let out in front and point your toe. Now write the letter or alphabet with your foot, once done switch another leg.

Another desk workout but this one for abs. Seat straight balance your hand on your abdominal muscles and squeeze the muscles when you are taking a deep breath. Do this process to different spots of your abs.

Walk at least 10000 steps a day.

Have a balanced diet

Choose more color on your foods. Have colors vegetables, fruits as much you can. No boundaries of having fruits and vegetables.

Use a fork, chopstick, and your spoon for each meal; even you are going have a burger with French fries. Your dominated hand will not take so much in your mouth, and you will eat less.

Brush your teeth after having dinner immediately. It will help you to avoid snacks after dinner.

When you feel hungry at no- meal time, have some yogurt or nuts. Avoid salted nut and sweeten yogurt, please.

Maintain stress

Writing a diary can make a revolution. No, I am not saying you have to be Anna Frank but spend sometimes to write about your day- your desire, disappointment, expectation all of that. They are not to be detailed, just write down the way you like it. It will help you to get out from extreme pressures or stress.

Take out some time for yourself. Visit your friend or relative place, go to the park, participate in community works, become a volunteer of any social work or anything.

Some workouts are helpful as stress removal. Sit straight, clasp your fingers back to the neck and starch your elbow. Now press the shoulders together for 5 to 10 secs.


It’s important to increase knowledge about health awareness, so we all can evade anything that’s effect harmful to our health and life. Overall, these steps work very well for the long run, avoiding disease or ill health. We believe our personal health awareness can help you stay better and live a longer life.