Health Facts For the Human Body That You Must Know

Health facts are one of the necessary things for the human body that you must know. There are many health tips in one line portals that you can find out for your healthy life. You can try to seek more health and fitness tips in various online portals such as online magazines, websites, blogs, forums etc. Don’t worry, now I’m going to share with you some health tips randomly.

Let’s Know 10 Health Facts For the Human Body with 3 Extra

13 Random Health Facts here that you must know for your healthy life. Now let me describe bellows that are very important for the human body forever.

  1. Motorists have said “smartphones are more impaired than drunk drivers with blood-alcohol levels exceeding”
  2. You can bang your head on any wall to burn almost 150 calories within an hour.
  3. There are some parts of the world, most of the women are bathing their babies in beer to protect from various diseases.
  4. The naked exercise is the part of the healthy exercise, because of the word “Gymnasium” comes from the Greek word gymnasia that mean “to exercise naked”.
  5. Take a cup of coffee is the most important health fact for mankind. But why? Because we know that there are more than 1000 chemicals in a cup of coffee. But it has only 26 percent tested and more half percent caused by cancer.
  6. I have the strong report that there are average American have at “McDonalds” 1800 time of her / his life in the world.
  7. Really, you will have to upset to hear, there are thousands of bacteria in your mouth than the people of the earth.
  8. We have come to know that according to the American FDA standards; one cup of orange juice contents ten fly eggs that have only two maggots.
  9. This is the very important health facts for them who watch TV at deep night; you can burn your calories in sleeping than watching TV programs.
  10. It is better to go blind than heavy smoking.


3 Additional Health Facts


  1. Once an American report has proved that a right-handed person lives nine years than a left-hand person in the world on average.
  2. Believe it? A person can one centimeter taller in the morning than the evening.

Really, it is amazing health facts- in your lifetime; you will have to eat about 60000 pounds of foods, that you will keep your weight like 6 elephants.

  1. In here I’m going to describe scary health facts that are most important for all kinds of people. Be aware of your daily life and save from them regularly.

Very dangerous news about bacteria cell

There are many ways bacteria spread diseases within the short time. This news is very dangerous that a bacteria cell can be multiple cells and it became more than eight million cells within 24 hours. And these kinds of thing spread through toilet doors handle, water taps, and even people hands.

Please look at, never use eyeshadow in your life; it will be the greatest problem with your eyes. If you want to use such as thing, you must use your fingers as well. All kinds of stationery products are not good for healthy life and those are the health facts for humankind. From today, leave the lipstick if you have a winter time. It is not fair; it is the causes of eye infection forever. And you also get problem and reinfection in your mouth. Don’t use mascara; it is the causes of conjunctivitis.

At the end of this discussion, I can say that health facts are the most important for all kinds of people who want to live in this dusty world healthy.